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We created this page to share photos of conditions our Field Inspectors come across while on the job, as well as articles we think you may find interesting. Please leave us any comments or questions that you have. We hope you enjoy!

  • Federal vs. State Regulation of Insurance - National Governors Association Letter

    Federal vs. State Regulation of Insurance – National Governors Association Letter


    In a recent letter to the US Treasury (FIO), the National Governors Association (NGA) has declared their support of the current model of state-run insurance regulations. Their letter comes in response to a proposed regulatory change that FIO recommended earlier this year. The NGA worries this will institute a dual regulatory process and has stated they“stand ready to defend and protect the state…

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  • Landslide Insurance and High-Risk Areas

    Landslide Insurance and High-Risk Areas

    HillsideThe employees of the Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the community of Oso and its surrounding areas as well as the families, friends, and neighbors of those who were lost in the tragic landslide on March 22, 2014. If you would like to make a donation, mynorthwest.comhas listed some charities and benefits taking contributions. Please keep in…

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  • Concurrent Causation and Your Insurance Policy

    Concurrent Causation and Your Insurance Policy

    Insurance PolicyWhat is concurrent causation in property insurance and why should you care? To sum up this longer definition from IRMI, concurrent causation in property insurance is when covered and uncovered perils occur either at the same time or in sequence and result in a loss.

    To use a real life example, in a famous case in California (Premier Ins. Co. v. Welch, 189 Cal. Rptr. 657, [Cal. App.])heavy rains…

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  • April Marks The Start of Wildfire Season

    April Marks The Start of Wildfire Season

    WildfireApril marks the beginning of wildfire season in Washington State, and with recent weather reports showing that El Niño may bring a drier and warmer summer than normal, now is the time to prepare. In a previous post we covered how to minimize your risk during a wildfire, but do you know how wildfires spread? According to, there are three main threatsthat a home or business can…

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  • Sprinkler System Grandfathering Laws - The Debate Continues

    Sprinkler System Grandfathering Laws – The Debate Continues

    IMG_4165A recent deadly fire at a motel in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, has once again brought up the debate about whether sprinkler system grandfathering laws should exist for certain types of occupants. This most recent fire, at the Mariner’s Cove Motor Inn, killed four people and injured seven more. Another tragic fire in Boston this last week took the lives of two firefighters who were trying to…

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  • Does Your Agency Still Use XP?

    Does Your Agency Still Use XP?

    What were you doing in January of 2000? photoPerhaps wiping your brow because you survived the Y2K non-pocalypse? Graduating from high school? Buying a new computer with the highly touted and much anticipated Windows XP? If you fall into the last category, you’ve probably long since replaced that computer with a newer, faster, fancier version. For many of us, however, those newer, faster, fancier…

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  • Fire safety for spray booths and rooms

    Fire safety for spray booths and rooms

    paint booth

    The use of spray paints and finishes for commercial applications poses serious fire and explosion hazards. Auto body shops, woodworkers, and manufacturers should make sure their spray booths or rooms are safe and well maintained at all times. Although it is possible to build a spray booth or room yourself that meets safety requirements, we recommend that a pre-engineered booth and suppression…

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  • Cooking Safety Tips [Infographic]
  • A Fire Hazard in Your Neighbor’s Garage?

    A Fire Hazard in Your Neighbor’s Garage?


    house fires

    No, not their restored 1971 Ford Pinto sedan or their new liquefied petroleum gas-fired combination grill, roaster and deep-fat fryer.

    I’m old enough to remember when Ford introduced the Pinto and gasoline was 26 cents a gallon.  During the “first” energy crisis in the 1970’s (when gas reached an astounding $1.50 a gallon, gasp!) many self-proclaimed inventors tried to find inexpensive…

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  • So You Thought That Was a Basement?The decision to rate a lower level as a basement instead of a first floor can mean the difference…View Post

    So You Thought That Was a Basement?

    The decision to rate a lower level as a basement instead of a first floor can mean the difference…

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